Libraries and the COVID-19 crisis

Call for papers: Romanian Journal of Library and Information Science (

Libraries are an important part of the communities: they offer access to information, leisure and educational activities, they act as social hubs and bring valuable resources to disadvantaged communities. Most of the benefits they offer are based on activities that imply closeness and physical presence: from the lending of books to the wide variety of courses, libraries have offered both a space and materials to those in need. The COVID-19 pandemic has fundamentally challenged the usual status quo: libraries have been closed and most of their services halted. However, the pandemic has also offered a stage upon which the libraries can showcase their creativity and importance in the community. Libraries moved their courses on online platforms, diversified their electronic services and even helped the medical system by 3D printing personal protective equipment for health care workers.
This special issue of the Romanian Journal of Library and Information Science seeks to show the difficulties faced by libraries in the pandemic and how they managed to adapt and overcome the situation.
Topics may include (but are not limited to):
- Digital libraries
- 3D printing of protection equipment
- Social media usage in the pandemic
- Health information and the „infodemic”
- The digital divide and information inequality

Submission deadline: July 1st 2020
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