Model of preparing podcasts as a contemporary strategy for encouraging reading literacy and reading culture


  • Sabina Fras Popović Mariborska Knjižnica, Maribor, Slovenia
  • Polona Vilar University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Arts, Dept. of Library and Information Science and Book Studies


reading literacy, reading culture, podcasts, influence, model, public libraries, slovenia


The paper presents and analyzes the preparation and application of a modern strategy promoting reading literacy and reading culture, its scope, responsiveness and usefulness the professional environment and the wider social environment. Action research with the method of observation (system diaries) and analytical research (survey method) were used, which were conducted as part of a case study - this is the first such example of the use of modern strategies the Slovenian library space. Data were obtained by observing the design, preparation, implementation and evaluation of the selected modern strategy, ie podcasts. The phases of the action research are: 1. planning and creating podcasts, 2. implementing podcasts in practice, 3. determining the perception of podcasts in professional circles, 4. monitoring and determining the use of podcasts.
In the third phase, analytical research was used to determine the perceptions of podcasts among professionals. The result is a five-step model of preparing podcasts in the public library for the purpose of encouraging thinking about reading literacy and reading culture.
The results obtained in the third and fourth phases speak in favor of the use of such a strategy for this purpose. Research limitations are tied to one case study, which includes a large enough sample. Could be the starting point for a more extensive comparative study. The model highlights the importance of linking theory and practice and the use of modern strategies in the field of promoting reading literacy and reading culture.


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Model of preparing podcasts (title and abstract)




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