Podcasts as modern strategies for promoting reading literacy and reading culture and their impact on professionals


  • Polona Vilar University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Arts, Dept. of Library and Information Science and Book Studies
  • Sabina Fras Popović Maribor Library


reading literacy, reading culture, professionals, podcasts, influence, public libraries, slovenia


The paper draws attention to the modern strategies in promoting reading literacy and reading culture in the professional environment, with emphasis podcasts in the Slovenian public libraries as strategy. We investigated the usefulness of this strategy promoting a particular professional event aiming the potential impact on certain elements such as motivation, belonging and meaning.
The analytical research of the results herein shows the attitude of professionals towards podcasts and is the first of it’s kind in Slovenia. Data were obtained using the survey method and is part of a larger study aiming to determine the impact of the professional events on the competencies.
General findings establish the connection between knowing or following podcasts and the impact on individual elements of professional competences. The results showed a positive attitude of professionals leading in encouragement of reading literacy and reading culture. Comparative results show a positive trend in connection between listening to podcasts and professional competence. Those professionals who received information about podcasts, i.e. were exposed through promotion to a professional event, also listened to, and this marked their professional self-perception.
Limitations are related to the size of the research, which is based on one case study. Regardeless, a sizable sample is included, which can serve as starter for a larger research to determine the impact on competencies.
This enquiry in connection with competencies of professionals is not common, nor are surveys that focus on the attitude to modern strategies. Individual's attitude is highlighted when introducing modern strategies ireading literacy and reading culture promotion.

Author Biography

Sabina Fras Popović, Maribor Library

Head of Library Network Department


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