Directions for Developing the Efficiency of Scientific Research


  • Ionela Maria Bârsan Transilvania Transilvania of Brasov



scientific research, academic staff, scientific communication, information technologies, research data


The article surprises elements of novelty and needs in the activity of scientific research and communication, identifies the needs and their practical settlement. We identified the needs and behavior of the academic staff involved in research and we analyzed trends in contemporary research. The universities have the opportunity to improve their services for research support in today’s information society using new technologies and different avenue for this move into the future. The effect of libraries using the same, shared hardware, services and data, enhances the both library user’s experience and library staff workflows.
Connected data, collaboration, digitization and cloud computing will strongly increase the role of library support for academic research.


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Bârsan, I. M. (2019). Directions for Developing the Efficiency of Scientific Research. Revista Română De Biblioteconomie și Știința Informării = Romanian Journal of Library and Information Science, 15(3-4), 96–100.



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