Vol. 14 No. 3 (2018)

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The paper aims to focus on the UDC auxiliary tables and their contribution to improved expressiveness of the subjects represented by the UDC main class numbers. Our purpose is to demonstrate that despite the limitations of an analytico-synthetic classification system designed more than one hundred years ago, successive developments of the scheme along with the consistent updating of its functionalities enables it to be successfully used in modern information retrieval systems both from bibliographic and non-bibliographic domain. (V. Frâncu)

In the literature on the protection of documents, pre-digitization represents the set of investigations and preventive-curative interventions performed in library environments, especially in the morphological structure of documents, in order to investigate, stop and eradicate the complex of identified degradation factors, of physical, mechanical, chemical and biological etiology. In the case of the Library of “Ştefan cel Mare” National College, Suceava, pre-digitization is the essential stage of preparation of the documents, in order to carry out digitization operations under appropriate conditions. (V. Deac, C. Dominte, I. Burz)

Scientific communication can be achieved only by approving new models that remove barriers to access to information (financial, legal and technical) as well as barriers to information sharing. The study (...) demonstrates the rather weak involvement of Romanian higher education institutions in policy making and involvement in Open Access publishing. (I.M. Bârsan)

Published: 2018-12-21

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