Research in Computer Science in the Republic of Moldova: A Bibliometric Analysis




visibility of publications, bibliometric analysis, evaluation of research activity, information technology, smart specialization, computer science


This paper presents results of bibliometric and text-based analysis of Computer Science research output produced by academia from the Republic of Moldova during the 2013-2018 years. The authors have collected data for research output indexed in three databases: Web of Science (WoS), Scopus, and National Bibliometric Instrument (NBI). Data from these databases were collected to obtain important indicators such as total number of research papers and citations, citation impact, h-index, collaboration patterns, top institutions, authors and publication sources. A detailed comparative analysis was performed based on these data. The authors also have performed a text-based analysis on keywords of papers indexed to identify thematic trends for research in Computer Science field. The analytical results present a detailed and useful picture of the status and the competence in Computer Science research in the Republic of Moldova.

Author Biographies

Nelly Țurcan, Information Society Development Institute, Moldova State University

University professor, Department of Communication and Information Theory, Moldova State University; Senior researcher, Information Society Research and Development Laboratory, Information Society Development Institute

Ion Coșuleanu, Information Society Development Institute

Scientific researcher, Information Society Research and Development Laboratory, Information Society Development Institute

Mihai Grecu, Information Society Development Institute

Scientific researcher, Information Society Research and Development Laboratory, Information Society Development Institute

Rodica Cujba, Information Society Development Institute, Technical University of Moldova

Scientific researcher, Laboratory of Information and Communication Technologies, Information Society Development Institute; Scientific researcher, Scientific Investigation Division, Technical University of Moldova



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