Contemporary Library and its Role in the Community


  • Elena Tîrziman University of Bucharest



contemporary libraries, community space, library technology, cultural and educational activities


Contemporary libraries need to redefine, to diversify their activities and services so that they can face the challenges of the new information and communication environment. To reach this goal, libraries need to integrate into the community and play an active role in educational, cultural, and social activities.

This article aims at portraying the contemporary library from the perspective of its role in the community. It aims at synthesising opinions and results of sociological research in North American literature, thus pointing out theories and good practices for the Romanian space. Literature shows that ensuring access to information and documentation is no longer the dominant activity of libraries. Together with this activity, there are also educational and cultural activities and even leisure activities that define the community role of a library.

People come to a library not only for information, research, and reading activities, but also, increasingly, to carry out group community activities, for cultural activities, or even for socialisation activities. Contemporary libraries need to be keepers of a community memory and a reliable partner of authorities and community institutions in their endeavour to carry out projects and activities.


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