The importance of security for people and collections in libraries


  • Andra Manuela Botez "Transilvania" University of Brasov
  • Angela Repanovici "Transilvania" University of Brasov



library security, collections security, personal security, library access, facial recognition


The security of collections and people in a library embraces a large number of responsibilities. The costs of maintaining, processing, and acquiring collections are high. If they are stolen or damaged, it can be difficult, if not impossible, to replace. Also, in recent years, personal security is a problem due to numerous terrorist attacks. This article highlights the importance of security in libraries and the view of librarians about the implementation of a security system based on facial recognition in the library in which they operate.


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Botez, A. M., & Repanovici, A. (2017). The importance of security for people and collections in libraries. Revista Română De Biblioteconomie și Știința Informării = Romanian Journal of Library and Information Science, 13(1), 11–20.



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