Analysing and Comparing Strategies of Public and Academic Libraries regarding their Period, their Vision and Mission as well as Values and Strategic programs


  • Petra Düren Hamburg University of Applied Sciences (HAW Hamburg)
  • Ane Landøy Diku – Norwegian Agency for International Cooperation and Quality Enhancement in Higher Education



academic library, documentary research, mission, public library, strategy, strategic planning, values, vision


Strategic planning in academic and public libraries is vital and gaining importance in libraries all over the world. In this research project – using the qualitative method of documentary research based on “convenience sampling” – 33 strategies from libraries from eleven countries are analysed regarding their time period, vision and mission, as well as values of the libraries, and their strategic programs. This research analyses only 33 libraries from eleven different countries, as not every library has published its strategy and a lot of libraries do not have a strategy at all. As such the results of this research are limited and cannot be transferred to all libraries, however interesting results could still be found. Of the analysed libraries one-third have not formulated a vision, about two-thirds did not write down their mission and more than half of them did not express their values. All libraries have developed strategic ideas and programs to develop their library, their staff as well as their services. Another interesting aspect is that not all aspects of the libraries’ values have been considered and are included in the libraries’ strategic programs.

There are good and complete library strategies published, but more can be done in developing and implementing strategies in libraries – probably worldwide. This documentary research is helpful, as not only can be seen where libraries are heading in the future, but it can also help library leaders of libraries without a current strategy to gain ideas and transfer those to their own libraries.


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