Skills of Librarians in 2021

Their New Mission During the Pandemic


  • Loredana Stanciu University of Bucharest
  • Melania Luana Butnariu



Public library, competences, abilities, projects, management


The problems libraries have to face nowadays have diversified and the librarians that work in Romanian public library system have a completely different role; they now have to contribute immensely to the evolution of society by facilitating better access to endless sources of knowledge to the community. The implications of reorganizing libraries, heavily influenced by the rising use of technology, have had a big impact on the librarian’s overall activity. The article answers the lingering question of “What are the competences a librarians need in their portfolio to practice this profession” and “What projects have they developed throughout the pandemic to make the best of the resources they had at hand?”.

 With the help of collaboration, passion and creativity librarians are capable of building newer strategies and of creating an innovative management in their libraries


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Stanciu, L., & Butnariu, M. L. (2021). Skills of Librarians in 2021: Their New Mission During the Pandemic. Revista Română De Biblioteconomie și Știința Informării = Romanian Journal of Library and Information Science, 17(1), 1–8.



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