Vol. 18 No. 1 (2022): Perspectives on professional library space

RRBSI Vol18 Iss 1 cover

This issue comes with two perspectives: one concerning the libraries functioning in prisons, and the other shedding light on how new media influences the librarian competencies and involvement.

The purpose of „Enclosed Spaces, Boundless Possibilities” study is to draw attention to the current state of Romanian prison libraries by focusing on such aspects as the legal framework under which they operate, their organization and facilities, the management of their collections and the policies employed to this end, the staff in charge of these structures, as well as library usage and satisfaction. Moreover, the present study aims to highlight the main obstacles and difficulties that Romanian prison libraries are struggling with at the moment, and to provide a few minimal recommendations for the improvement of their services and overall quality.

Podcasts as modern strategies for promoting reading literacy and reading culture and their impact on professionals draws attention to the modern strategies in promoting reading literacy and reading culture in the professional environment, with emphasis podcasts in the Slovenian public libraries as strategy. General findings establish the connection between knowing or following podcasts and the impact on individual elements of professional competences.

Model of preparing podcasts as a contemporary strategy for encouraging reading literacy and reading culture presents and analyses the preparation and application of a modern strategy promoting reading literacy and reading culture, its scope, responsiveness and usefulness the professional environment and the wider social environment. Action research with the method of observation (system diaries) and analytical research (survey method) were used, which were conducted as part of a case study - this is the first such example of the use of modern strategies the Slovenian library space.

Published: 2022-07-20