Vol. 15 No. 2 (2019)

Romanian Journal of Library and Information Science - Vol. 15, Iss. 2, 2019

The main scope of this study is the evaluation of the research performance in Computer Science in the Republic of Moldova between 2013 and 2018, through the prism of Moldovan authors scientific publications. The specific objectives of this study:

- Examining the dynamics of national and international publications in Computer Science between 2013-2018;

- Examining the distribution of publications in ICT by scientific field;

- Identifying top ICT researchers and top ICT research institutions from the Republic of Moldova, with the main goal to ensure smart specialization in this research area;

- Analysing publication collaborations of Moldovan authors in the Computer Science field. (Nelly Țurcan, Ion Coșuleanu, Mihai Grecu, Rodica Cujba)

The evaluation and protection in time of the valuable digitized collections of documents from libraries (archives and museums) represents methodologically, but above all practically, a field of document protection with recent data requirements and structures, as a result of speeding up the digitization of valuable documents on organic support. The transfer of information from organic support to digital (electronic) support involves the development and use of cutting-edge techniques and methodologies, a modern infrastructure, as well as a flawless training of the specialists involved in this very demanding activity. (Vasile Deac, Ionela Burz, Alexandru Deac)

Despite its overwhelming popularity as the leading social network site in the past few years, the educational value that Facebook provides has not been fully determined, and results are still contradictory. Moreover, systematic reviews about the educational usage of Facebook are still lacking some aspects. This article provides a critical overview of the international studies focusing on Facebook as educational environment, carried out in order to examine if and how this popular social network may contribute to teaching and learning within formal education. (Laura Mihaela Pascariu, Marius Cristian Ceobanu)


Published: 2019-06-01

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