Research and cultural metadata exposed using APIs: steps on the interoperability road




application programming interfaces, api, research metadata, data sets, interoperability, vocabulary namespaces


The wealth of data available to the researchers and to the curious citizen seems limitless today. For this reason tools able to retrieve and put together pieces of useful data are in growing need. This study is looking into Application Programming Interfaces as means to establish an ecosystem fostering data interoperability for persons and machines. The research and culture landscape is in a continuous need for accessing to data and metadata. For this reason, a set of the most representative service providers were investigated through the filter of data accessibility, and how the data provided fit the needs of possibly machine-assisted tools. The providers are well established actors in the scholarly communication arena with a host of some from the culture heritage field. A supplementary set of trusted repositories which are recipients of CoreTrustSeal (CTS) were investigated in searching for interoperability extensions via APIs.


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